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The Intouchables - Movie that will fill you with positive energy

One of my best friends told me to watch this movie as fast as I can. He also said that The Intouchables is one of the best movies he ever saw and that it is a "must watch movie". I said "Ok man, ok! I'll watch it."

So, after more than 6 months (:, in a little cold and boring Tuesday evening i decided to give this movie a try. My friend was right! This is one of the best movies I ever saw and we as a blog strongly recommend it to all of you.

Rich quadriplegic needs a male who’ll take care of him. Guy from the projects comes to this interview just to get a signature that proves that he has been on the interview, in order to get money from the welfare.

But the rich guy likes the wildness and rudeness of this ghetto black guy, and thinks that this is what he needs in his boring and depressing life. So he hires him and that is when the fun starts. They bond in such a funny and interesting way which is very joyful to watch.

Driss (Omar Sy) brings life and energy in Phillipe (François Cluzet), and believe me you’ll also feel this energy. In other words, this movie will make feel beautiful and positive after watching it. You will feel motivated and you will have only positive thoughts.

Omar Sy gives amazing performance. He received the César Award for Best Actor for the role of Driss.

The movie is a true story and is the second most successful French movie of all time.

Category: Comedy, Drama

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  1. Interesting movie, also funny, good choice !