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5 situations in which I feel awkward

Yes, I’m not going to lie and say that I’m cool guy, and that I feel comfortable in different situations in my life. Actually, in most of them I just want to get out of there and never turn back. But life is.. life is.. I don’t know what life is, but sometimes life is very awkward.

5. Friend in a bus or metro 

When I drive in the bus or metro I want to listen to music and relax myself. But, often it happens to meet some friend who I know well enough to must say hello, but not well enough to talk about anything more than “Hi, How are you”. It is rude to not talk to him so you are stuck with awkward conversations like:

“Hey, What’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m going home from work”

“Me too.”

(awkward pause)

“Remember when we were on that party?”

“Not that much. It was good I think”


(awkward pause)

You both feel very uncomfortable, but you can’t just put your headphones and listen to music. So you are counting the minutes when your station comes to get out.

4. Family events

So family events like birthdays, holidays etc. usually bring together a lot of old people like parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, people with I don’t have much in common. In my family they always want to know a lot about your private life and ask you direct and stupid questions, probably because they feel like they know you all their life and you are “family”.

“When are you going to bring your girlfriend?”

“You don’t have a girlfriend? When are you going to get one? It’s time.”

“You need to marry faster what are you waiting for? We can’t watch out your kids when we are old.”

“You still have that shitty job? When are you going to quit and get a real job?”
I have come to a solution for this though. I always come drunk on such events.

3. Keeping secret from a good friend 

A good friend tells me that he cheated on his girlfriend, who also is my good friend. So, now he feels relieved. But, what should I do with that information. I will now always feel awkward when I meet his girlfriend. I feel pressure and my conscience is killing me. After a month or two this feelings fade away, but is still pretty awkward keeping secrets that may hurt your friends.

2. Why you deleted/blocked me? 

The answer is simple (you are spammer with no sense of humor). But the real awkwardness comes when you meet this person face to face and the person asks this question in front of your buddies, who can’t wait to see what are you going to say. So you can lie:

“I didn’t. Don’t you know that Facebook is having problems these couple of days,”

which can end with..

“You deleted me like 2 months ago, did Facebook also had problems than?”

No matter what you say this is awkward, but at the end of the day it’s my right to delete anyone who annoys or spams me.

1. Invites to  like website/product/event

It doesn’t feel awkward when they are inviting me in the normal way. The awkwardness comes when they are spamming on chat with “please like this”, “come to have fun here”.. And the new “seen” option just makes you feel more awkward. You know, that they know, that you don’t give a sh*t about their product, web site or event.


  1. Actually yes, the questions from the parents and relatives are worse!