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Touching storry - Mother

My mother had only one eye. I hated her .. she was embarrassment for us. In the school she cooked the food for the students and teachers.

One day, when I was still a kid, she entered in my class to say hello. I was very embarrassed. How could she do this to me? I ignored her, and gave her a look full of hatred. Later my friends from the class teased me .... "Wow your mom only has one eye!"  I just wanted my mom to simply disappear ... When I saw her later I told her, "they laughed at me because of you, I want you to die!"

My mother did not answer anything ...

I didn't think even for a moment about what I said, I was so full of anger. I was not interested in her feelings ... I wanted to go away from home and to never see her again.

Later in life I learned a lot and got a chance to go to Singapore studies ... I was lucky. Got married, bought a house and got the kids. I was happy with my life and everything around him even though I lived in a foreign country.

But one day, my mother came to visit me ... she didn't saw me in years, nor she had seen her grandchildren. She appeared at the door of my house. My children began to laugh at her. I only yell why she came, uninvited.

I yelled - "How dare you to come to my house and scare my children? Get out of here, now!"

My mother just quietly answered - "Sorry, I must be in a wrong house"- and she was gone ...

And so one day, after a few years I was invited back to my birthplace for the graduation anniversary. I lied to my wife that I have to go on a business trip. After the celebration, just out of a curiosity, I went to our old house. When I saw the neighbors, they told me that my mother died. I didn't dropped a tear. She handed me a letter saying it was from her ...

My dear son,

I thought of you the whole time.

Forgive me that I have come to you home and scared your children.

I was glad to hear that you succeeded in life and that you come home to celebrate.

I may not be able to get out of bed to see you.

I'm sorry that I was always a burden and embarrassment.

You see, when you were a kid you had a small accident in which you lose one eye.

As a mother, I could not bear to grow you without one eye.

Doctors I examined and they told me that it is possible.

I then gave you one of my eyes ...

I was so proud that my son sees the world for me, with that eye.

With love for you always ...

Your Mother ...


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