The innovative Gerrard Paschke created nice beer lamp

Gerrard Paschke thought of a great way to use the openers of beer cans. With just one big can of many openers, wood and a good idea, he made a nice ​​beer table lamp.

The Intouchables - Movie that will fill you up with positive energy

Rich quadriplegic needs a male who’ll take care of him. Guy from the projects comes to this interview just to get a signature that proves that he has been on the interview, in order to get money from the welfare.

Why you should drink beer

Drink beer, it is healthy!

5 Awkward moments

Awkward moments you face in real life.

Good guy J.J Abrams

The director of Mission Impossible 3, Star Trek and Super 8, J.J Abrams impressed the movie world. He fulfilled a wish of a dying fan.


Famous beer lovers and quotes

Johnny got the point!

A beer romance..

 little wisdom from Bukowski..

A lot of sense..

And a Hi-five for you Mr.Jack!

Hasta la vista, baby..

And of course..Cheers bro!

Drink beer and lose fear! Check it out why..

Maybe is not such a bad idea more often to enjoy a glass of cold beer, at least in terms of health.

The latest research conducted at the University of Idaho prove that beer can help fight many diseases such as acne, obesity, HPV and most dangerous disease today - cancer.

The ingredient which gives beer the taste of bitterness is the fact that it contains two components with an extremely positive impact on our health.

Hops contain humulones which have anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties and lupilones who also have a positive effect on public health.

The beer is a real mail of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and selenium are excellent fighters against colds and other viral diseases.

The wealth of antioxidants in its composition would strengthen immunity and you will feel energetic and fresh.


Crazy Extreme Sports

Tweet of the Day

Tweet of the Day

Because having normal car is too mainstream

Smile = )

This + Tons of Beer = Perfection!