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Good guy J.J Abrams

The director of Mission Impossible 3, Star Trek and Super 8, J.J Abrams impressed the movie world. He fulfilled a wish of a dying fan. The wish was watching the new Star Trek "Into Darkness" 5 months before the premiere.

The movie "Star Trek: Into Darkenss" is scheduled to premiere on May 17, but the director of the movie, J.J Abrams was able to fulfill the wish of 41-year-old fan of Star Trek, which is called Dan, who suffers from leukemia and cancer, to watch the movie, because, according to doctors, it is hardly to believe that he'll survive until May.

Abrams find about this fan through the website Reddit, followed by contact with Dan's wife, and agreed to let Dan come to the pre-premiere of the film, in which usually only attend the highest ranking members in the making of the movie. With this gesture, Abrams showed true humanity and according to many media people simply can no longer talk bad about him.


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