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20 moments we all love

1. The moment when you're sitting in a restaurant very hungry and you see how the waiter comes to your table and puts the bowl in front of you.

2. Strong and loud laughter with a loss of voice and air.

3. The smell of fresh grass slanted.

4. Changing channels while there are ads, and returning to the program exactly when the ads are finished.

5. When you find money in old clothes.

6. When your friends make sure you arrived home safely after you've spent the night together.

7. When you feel that a song was written exactly according to your life.

8. Drawing on steamed glass mirror.

9. When you find something you've lost a long time ago.

10. When you realize that you still remember the phone number of your childhood love.

11. Celebrating the birthday of your pet even though they have no idea what is happening.

12. The feeling when you're on vacation and you do not know which day or date it is.

13. When you see old couple in love.

14. When your favorite team wins in the last moments of the game.

15. Multitasking while you brush your teeth.

16. The cold side of the pillow.

17. Drinking the first cup of coffee in the morning.

18. When you put your hand out of the window of the car to feel the blowing of the wind.

19. When you hug someone who's been a while since you watched, and you mean too much in life.

20. When you lie down in a comfortable bed with your loved one, in silence, while it’s snowing outside.



  1. I totally agree with all of them...... I love this post.