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Facts and delusions about drinking

Alcohol consumption and treating a hangover are themes that serve as the basis for the birth of many myths that are widespread among the people. Here are some widespread beliefs about Drinking alcohol, and the truth (or lie) behind them:

1. Men can drink more than women without being drunk

TRUE. Speaking generally, men can consume more alcohol without having to reach a state of drunkenness. The reason for this is in men's greater weight that contributes to lower blood alcohol concentration. In addition, men have more water in the body (62%, women 52%), and alcohol is more diluted. In other words, when a man and a woman drink the same amount of alcohol in women the effect of alcohol is more pronounced.

2. Coffee sobers and reduces hangover
WRONG. Once alcohol enters the blood, it must take several hours for the body to get rid of it. Neither coffee or cold shower will help you in that. Coffee can only cover drunkenness, you still will be drunk, but you will feel more awake. This effect can also be dangerous, because you can be with the impression that you can drive, you actually need to pass the keys someone friend because you are still drunk.
3. Eating before drinking allows you to drink more without getting drunk

TRUE. Do not leave hungry to a party. Food decreases the rate of alcohol absorption and gives the body more time to deal with the input amounts of alcohol. But that doesn't mean that you can drink as much as you want without getting drunk. Empty stomach less submits alcohol, but full does not mean permit to drink without control.

4. Alcohol destroys brain cells

WRONG. Alcohol does not kill brain cells, but affects the way they interact with each other. However, though it does not destroy brain cells, chronic drinking can lead to neurological disorders that can cause problems with memory.

5. Drink colorless alcohol drinks, having a "gentler" hangover

TRUE. Red wine is not the best choice if you don't want the next day to suffer from headache, because it contains tannin, a substance that stimulates the emergence of pain and heaviness in the head. Dark alcoholic drinks such as whiskey also cause headaches.
On the other hand, drinks like vodka and gin, are the best choice if you want to avoid heavy unbearable hangover.

6. Mixing different drinks will get you drunk more

WRONG. Drinking different drinks in one night as beer, whiskey and wine, will not make you more drunk, because alcohol is alcohol, whether it comes from wine or whiskey. But mixing different drinks will cause you more sickness and will exacerbate the symptoms of a hangover.

7. Alcohol will cheer you up and give you energy

WRONG. In the beginning you will really feel that alcohol gives you more energy and makes you feel happier, because alcohol suppresses your inhibitions. But if you switch the limits of moderate drinking, you feel that talking, moving and thinking are low and that the mood you are in is reduced.