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10 hip hop songs that will give you energy

Grab a beer and enjoy is a random blog. We don't want to be stuck in one niche, so we post random stuff. Today I like to post 10 hip hop songs that give me energy, while working out or running/walking. Here are the songs.

1. Jay Z and Kanye West - Gotta Have It

2. Kanye West, Pusha T, Chief Keef, Jadakiss, Big Sean - Don't Like.

3. J-Kwon - Tipsy.

4.  The Notorius B.I.G - Hypnotize.

5. 50 Cent ft. Mobe Deep - Outta Control.

6. G Unit - Smile.

7. Kanye West - Touch the Sky.

8. Group Home - Livin' Proof.

9. Kanye West - Stronger.

10. Jay Z - Big Pimpin'.


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