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Grab a beer and enjoy "Black Cat, White Cat"

Scene from Black Cat, White Cat. The father of Matko, get's out from hospital.. he is a guy that likes to enjoy his life with music, even if all of the musicians are tied up on the tree :)
Directed by the maestro Emir Kusturica, “Black Cat, White Cat” (originally Crna Macka, Beli Macor) is a very interesting comedy movie filmed back in 1998. Actually this is one of the most fun and exciting movies I ever watched. If you haven’t watched it, don’t hesitate, just grab a beer and enjoy the movie.

Matko (played by Bajram Severdzan) is a gypsy hustler who lives with his son by the river Danube. After he was tricked by local successful gangster called Dadan (played by Srdzan Todorovich), he needs to give him back the money he owes to him. But as Matko don’t have the money, Dadan will forgive him the debt only if his 17 year old son Zare (Flroijan Ajdini) marry his 25 years old midget sister. And that’s where the fun starts, as Zare don’t want to marry her because he’s in love with another girl – Ida (played by Branka Katic).
There are also some very hilarious characters like Grga Pitic (Sabri Sulejmani), old mobster from who Matko loans the money at the beginning of the move, and Zarije Destanov (Zabit Memedov) the father of Matko.

The music of the movie is amazing, positive, fun and energetic. The soundtrack offers mostly traditional folk music and remakes of Yugoslavian hits. 

That’s it we enjoyed Crna Macka, Beli Macor and we recommend to watch it with no doubt, one of the best movies from Emir definitely! 

Budget: $4.5 million.


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